Risk & Compliance Management

Risk & Compliance Management

What do we offer?

Every business and organization faces the risk of unexpected, harmful events that can cost the company money or cause it to close permanently.

Risk management is the process of identifying any risks to security by analyzing the current methods that are in place, identifying potential weakness in these methods and creating a plan to mitigate and control those risks.

At Pegasus, we have amassed a wealth of experience internationally whilst operating in high threat environments. This helps us as we assist you in redeveloping your security methods to ensure that your company reduces the threat of vulnerability.

Our Risk and Compliance Managers have extensive experience in managing large projects and running security for large NGO and corporate clients internationally.

Implementing one of our managers into your organisation will ensure that your company is fully compliant across all security protocols. Providing dynamic risk assessments, business continuity plans and internal training, we ensure you are able to continuously grow as a company.