Protective Surveillance

Protective Surveillance

Your eyes and ears from afar

With our experience of working in hostile environments around the world for NGOs and High Value entities over the last two decades, we have seen the course of change within Close Protection.

Some clients feel that a close protection team can draw unwanted attention to their movements.

This is why each individual client is assessed in order to create a bespoke service based on their own security needs.

Protective Surveillance is a form of covert close protection. Our highly trained operators provide a discreet, consistent and secure bubble. This form of protection is often used when our clients are out in public and do not want attention drawn to them or their families. Should our operators identify a potential threat, they will trace them discreetly, identify and take the necessary action.

Pegasus utilises a multi faceted approach to protection from the latest technology to methods and equipment that have been tried and tested in countless operations globally.