Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking and protection services offer a proactive solution to safeguard your assets, with 24/7 monitoring and a quick response team ready to act nationwide and globally.

Ensuring Safe Transportation For Your High-Value Assets

Our advanced tracking technology and robust security measures ensure the safety and security of your assets throughout transit

High Value goods are transported along UK roads continuously day and night.

With the threat of hijackings primarily being against trucks, Pegasus Ops offers a service of protection and tracking of all of your assets, monitored by a 24-hour control room and followed with a quick response team nationwide and globally.

Using experience and methods utilized on international transits in hostile areas, we are able to incorporate this into our services for the UK.

Highly Trained



Trained & Licensed

Police & Military



Our commitment to your safety doesn’t stop at implementation. We provide continuous support and are always ready to respond to any security concerns.


From high-profile child recovery operations to anti-trafficking missions, Pegasus Ops has excelled where others have failed, ensuring the safety and well-being of those we protect.


We have successfully conducted operations in over 20 countries, adapting to diverse environments and challenges to deliver exceptional results.


Our operations are backed by comprehensive insurance, providing an additional layer of security and assurance.


We have successfully protected high-profile clients and assets, including the UAE royal yacht and training the UAE royal guard, demonstrating our capability to handle elite security needs.


Utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative security practices developed over the last 20 years, we stay ahead of emerging threats and deliver proactive protection.

Confidential & Discreet Security Solutions

Fully Confidential

We truly understand the sensitive nature of what we do and its need for discretion and confidentiality.

Only key members of the team and the personnel directly involved or working on your case will have access to any of information, and only that which is require to do their best work.

Discreet Protection

Your privacy is our utmost priority. Our operatives are trained to operate with the highest level of discretion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities while providing maximum security coverage.




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"I 100% Believe That Without The Help Of Pegasus That Night I Could Have Been Mourning The Loss Of My Teenage Son. I can Not Thank Them Or Recommend Them Enough"

"I then called Jay at Pegasus, to told me to go home relax and retrace the steps from the start until present.

Without giving away any trade secrets he was able to access certain social media platforms and apps, and with in 20 minutes able to locate the movements of my son.

Even the female police officer in my house talking to my wife was like who is this person and how has he done that!? I then went out and managed to locate my son thanks to the live data I was being communicated at the time.

I 100% believe that without the help of Pegasus that night I could have been mourning the loss of my teenage son. I can not thank them or recommend them enough 🙏"